Thursday, March 26, 2015


I've missed this place. I wish I was as dedicated as others who can maintain their blogs when other things are taking over their lives. Maybe I'll get there eventually. But things are settling down, so here's an update

1. After two very emotional trips to Kentucky (the worst place ever), things are finished and I won't be going back anytime soon/ever.

2. I've been off of work for too long. I had a 3 month long layoff period from one job, and went I got back I realized that that job was killing me and totally drained all the happiness and free time from my life. I've got a new job, that still isn't ideal, but is steady and will make me a lot more money.

3. I've been a hermit lately. I've only seen friends a couple time in the last few months, and while it's nice, it's hard to be engaged and relax with all that's gone on and changed. I'm hoping this will pass, too.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

what's been going on

I've been absent. A lot of not very good things have happened. A few weeks ago, around the end of January, we got word that P(hilip)'s father was not doing well and we took off very suddenly to Kentucky to get him to the hospital. (Kentucky is a horrible, boring place). There are a lot of really personal details around this situation that I won't go into. He was in the hospital for about a week before he passed away.

Now things are strange and different. We brought his father's 15 year old Chihuahua, Bubba home with us but it seems we don't have the means to keep him and give him a good life, so we are adopting him out to a woman who seems pretty nice. 

It's been really sad, I wish we could keep him. Since being home it's been nothing but snow. My birthday came and went uneventful and rather depressingly. Things are becoming smoother and I'm trying to regain a routine, which is difficult when I can't leave my apartment. 

I wanted to give a little bit of an update, I still have lots of ideas and want to keep up with this space, but this is why I haven't been around.